Which are the locations we deliver to?

We offer delivery assistance to most of the postal addresses across the globe. It is just about submitting the right address to us bearing the complete pin/zip code and the street address.

We want to inform you that if the shipment is meant for a residential address then on unavailability of anyone at the premise or on getting no response to the doorbell, the shipment would be left at door.  It is to be noted that if any way such an instance occurs then our courier partners won’t be able to leave a sign confirmation of the delivery that has been done.

Therefore, it would be a better and wise option to be present at the address when the delivery notification is forwarded. Thus, the delivery of the courier would be absolutely successful and there won’t be any hassle whatsoever.

The residents of the countries having a 5 day work culture should be aware that no delivery attempt would be made on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other hand, as Friday is often considered as an off day in most of the Islamic countries so in that scenario delivery attempt won’t be undertaken on that day of the week in such countries. There are instances when we try to arrange for a delivery on Saturday only on request but in that case some additional charges need to be incurred.

Furthermore, although the deliveries take place during the normal working hours but that also varies from one country to another.

For Sundays and different public holidays shipments from the store is never undertaken as our logistic partners are not open for any pick-ups on those days.

If you want to ensure that the delivery would be really quick then please mention the entire postal address correctly and they must bear the right pin code. We won’t take the responsibility of any postal delays caused due to the listing of an incomplete address.

If the shipment is meant for any Girl’s school/college/hostel then it would be left at the risk of the customer.  There can be an instance that the principal, admin or warden might not accept the shipment or just refuse it. In this case, we wish to confirm that no credit or refund note would be issued to the account of the customer and there won’t be any further attempt to be made towards shipping it once again. If there would be any preference for a special date for delivery then it needs to be mentioned in the message box that appears when the order is being placed. If there won’t be any special date mentioned then an attempt of making the delivery would be undertaken on ASAP basis.

Time of Transit

WE are partnered with air courier service providers, who ensure that the shipment will reach the destination in the fastest possible time within 7-15 Days in the major cities of Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and other counties round the world.

In case you are looking for a more affordable delivery option as an alternative then we also offer you the advantage of putting forward special quotes to you suggesting slower but economic shipping modes. If you are looking for such an option then write to us at [email protected] and we will immediately revert to you with additional details.

There is another point that needs to be clear that in case more than two items are been ordered then they might reach you on different dates and in multiple packages. This happens mainly due to the variation in the shipping locations and the availability of products. This is also done in order to ensure maximum safety to the products and that’s why the ordered products are delivered in multiple packages to the postal address separately.

PS: All the products are meant to be shipped from India.

Details of Shipment and Tracking

After you ordered for the product with us and it is been handed over to the courier partner, immediately an e mail containing the details of the shipment would be mailed to the given mail address. The info contained in the mail includes the details of the courier company, tracking number and the expected delivery date. In case you somehow don’t receive the mail then the information can be checked by signing in at our My Account section on our site or from the page assigned for the ordering status.

It takes about 24-48 hours for the tracking code to get live on the website of the courier company.

Requests for Address Change 

After an order is registered officially, there is no option to alter it but in case you notify it within 5 hours of placing the order or before same day 2pm IST then we will surely try to grant your request. Just sent the request for making the change in address at [email protected] and we will do the needful.

Order for Multiple Address 

At present we don’t provide this service. Hence, in case you want to send the product to multiple addresses then you need to place multiple orders.

Incomplete or Incorrect Address

It needs to be noted that many courier service providers charge a penalty for providing incomplete or incorrect address, pi/zip code. So, please ensure the address you have provided correct address and if there would be any exception in any way then you need to bear the cost incurred on the penalty.

If any reshipment would be attempted then the reshipment charge needs to be done by the customer.

What would be the consequences in case the shipment is delayed?

Please make sure that the delivery time mentioned in our website are absolutely indicative  and  one should understand that they are just approximate values as delays might occur at any time due to unforeseen situations occurring and which are beyond our control. If such an instance occurs then refund, returns, replacement & exchange should be expected.

However we keep on offering special benefits in terms of store credit and they can be well used   while placing orders in future. There are certain cases as well where we offer free gifts even.

There are certain instances such as items are out of stock or shipping has been delayed due to some major issue then the customer will certainly receive a notification regarding that via e mail.

Still, the delivery dates should be considered absolutely tentative or approximate and we won’t bear any responsibility of any delays occurring in delivery of an order or a part of it. In case we decide to deliver the order only in parts then we might offer you with an option to provide a refund for the undelivered part.

Shipping and Billing Address

Lastly, you should be absolutely clear about the difference between shipping and billing address. Shipping address denotes the address the customer chooses for receiving the shipment and billing address denotes the address to which the credit card company would dispatch the bill.